THE MIDNIGHT EVILS “Straight ‘Til Morning” CD-ONLY ES1298D

TWIST THE FUCKIN’ THROTTLE! These boys spit rock and roll into the air like a malfunctioning roadhouse Rockola. You can’t escape it. You can feel the riffs whizzin’ by your head and when it connects! Whooooeeee! You go flat on your ass. Your T.V. Eye’s are gone BLACK and your brain is buzzin’on Radar Love. It’s happening! You are officially FUCKED UP on ROCK AND ROLL -- MIDNIGHT EVILS style!
STRAIGHT TIL MORNING is shot number two by these Minnesota maulers. It comes pounding your eardrums a year after their soul-stealing, self-titled debut and a million miles of glorious rock shows (coming soon to a shithole near you). This latest document of Evils fury buries the needle way past the red and straight in your ass. You wouldn’t know by the sweltering sin and soul and skin-searing licks that they were from the Lutheran land of ice fishin’ and snow-blowin’ These nordic nutcases holed up in Austin’s legendary SWEATBOX with its resident genius TIM KERR and got to cookin’ up a dozen helpings of sleaze and greaze. Once this testament of hard-livin’ and wild lovin’ lands in your lap you’ll never be the same! It’s not only their latest -- it’s their greatest. And when these dogs attack you’ll never go back. THE MIDNIGHT EVILS “Straight ‘Til Morning” CD...ES1298D. Recorded by TIM KERR. Sleeve design by ART CHANTRY.